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Test your hearing

Test your Hearing with a Certified Audiologist


Choose your Hearing aid

Choose a hearing aid according to your lifestyle

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Why Choose Audiocare

Premium Service

We offer the best service in the Algarve

 Premium service is provided by friendly and accessible specialized professionals who are more than happy to help you with any issues regarding your hearing and your hearing aids.


Hearing aids

Best Price / Quality 

Hearing aids

We have the best hearing aids on the market.
The technology is chosen according to your lifestyle so you can:
- Improve your quality of life
-Regain your social connections
- Communicate effortlessly

3 years warranty

+ extra 2 year extension option

When you buy your hearing aid at Audiocare you can rest assured that for 3 years any technical issue will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

There is a 2 year extension possibility for extra assurance and technical coverage.


* does not cover loss or damage caused by the user

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Certified Audiologist
(Ear Nose and 
Throat Doctor)

Audiology Consultations

Otorhinolaryngology Consultations

Book your Consultation with one of our Specialists

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TV & Telephone

Listen to the sound of your TV & Phone

You can choose to hear the sound of your TV or your Phone in your hearing aids.
-Control your own volume and enjoy your favorite tv program effortlessly.
-Communicate with those who are important:
Engage in conversations clearly and clearly

Laboratory & Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs & Tailor Made Molds

At Audiocare we repair your device * and produce all types of molds
- Molds for protection against noise, water and sleeping
- Molds for hearing aids
- Molds for Musicians

We are a family owned and operated business.

* limited to brands available from Audiocare

Where are we

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