Hearing solutions

*Free hearing test

*Free hearing test

Free hearing test

Consists of a hearing screening to check the state of your hearing


 Pure tone audiometry

The pure tone audiometry test is performed in a soundproof booth with the use of  headphones and presentation of a pure tone at various frequencies and at different intensities. It is a test that requires attention and concentration of the patient as it depends on your answer to get the results. Through this test, you can determine the type of hearing loss and the degree to later choose the best hearing aid to be fitted.

 Vocal audiometry

The speech audiometry test is also carried out in a soundproof booth, where phoneticaly balanced words are presented and  repeated by the patient. It requires close attention because an exchange of letter or error in the displayed word reproduction implies directly in the results.

Impedance or impedance tests

The impedance testing is performed with the use of a probe in the ear canal, where a signal is issued together with a pressure change. This test allows a range of information on the eardrum-ossicular system. Tympanometry and acoustic reflex contribute to the audiological topodiagnosis, when the data are interpreted in conjunction with other audiological tests.