Hearing Loss

What is hearing loss

What is hearing loss

Hearing loss is the reduction or total hearing loss usually caused by mechanical trauma (traffic accidents, perforation caused by an object, etc.), by exposure to excessive noise and congenital and / or acquired diseases. In most cases, hearing loss is gradual, painless often developed so slowly that it's almost unnoticed. Hearing loss can be classified as conductive, sensorineural or mixed.  

Conductive hearing loss is caused by a problem located in the outer and / or middle ear wich "drive" the sound to the inner ear. These are usually reversible losses in need of medical care. 

Sensorineural hearing loss is one that affects the perception of sounds and consequently the words. In this case, the problem is not in "driving" the sound but in a decreased ability to receive them. The place of the lesion is situated in the cochlea and/or VIII pair.  

Mixed hearing loss is when there damage in the cochlea and/or VIII pair and the middle ear and/or external.


If you usually ask to repeat what is said to you, if you have difficulties following a conversation in a noisy environment (restaurant, bar, family meetings etc),if it is common to have your television at a high volume,if you can hear the words but can not understand, these symptoms are usually- in the majority of cases- related to a hearing loss.  

If you realize you have one or more of these symptoms, book yourself an appointment with us and take a hearing test.

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